“Sifting the useable content from the questionable is where experience counts.”


steve bergson



what's his background?:

Largely research for documentary film production as Archive Consultant/Producer, working on many major productions both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

BA Hons in English and American arts First Class

Postgrad diploma in archive and information work


what’s he good at?

film & tv production, specialising in script and archive content research

specialist researcher/producer, films & tv

wide range of films and TV, particularly with factually based subjects

handling complex copyright issues on all acquired content


so what’s he done?

a selected list of key work:

Great Train Journeys May - Sept 2014 Boundless for BBC TV

The Culture Show: Lynn Barber BBC April 2014

The Girl who talked to Dolphins BBC Horizon March 2014

Dissected: the Incredible Human Hand and Foot BBC series Feb 2014

various research on Lenny Henry stage and TV work 2006-2013

Castles in the Air Drama on Robert Watson Watt and radar BBC Feb 2014

Imagine ep about Machiavelli Nov 2013

Keeping Britain Safe BBC doco series on emergency services 2014

Imagine ep on Edmund De Waal and Machiavelli BBC Nov/Dec 2013

Richard Hammond’s How to Build a Planet BBC science doco Nov 2013

The Fantastic Mr Feynman BBC documentary April 2013

The Challenger BBC feature, Mar 2013: starring William Hurt, Brian Dennehy

Gentlemen baten zur Kasse ARTE documentary for Lichtblick June 2013

picture research for Dom Joly on 2011 tour

The Premier League: The Night Football Changed for Ever PWTV 2011

Taking on Tyson Touch Productions for Discovery 2011

George Cross Heroes Dangerous Films for DIscovery 2010

Wellington Bomber PWTV for BBC 2010

The Special Relationship HBO feature Dennis Quaid, Michael Sheen 2010

The Berlusconi Show Blakeway for BBC February 2010

Return to Tiananmen BBC 2009

Goodbye Basra Kaboom TV for Sky 2009

Rocket Men feature film by Dangerous Films 2009

1983 - The Brink of Apocalypse Flashback TV for C4 2007

Britz Daybreak Pictures for C4, 2007

Death of a President Borough Films feature for C4 2007

Battle for Haditha feature film, 2007, starring: Matthew Knoll: dir Nick Broomfield

Calendar Girls feature film, 2003 starring Helen Mirren, Julie Walters: dir Nigel Cole

Cold War classic doco series for CNN Jeremy Isaacs Productions 1997



Grierson award for 1983 - The Brink of Apocalypse, 2007

Emmy award for Death of a President, 2007

Indie nomination for The Duel produced by 3bmTV for C4 , 2004

Houston Festival Gold for Sleeping Beauty Rediscovered for C4, 1991

BAFTA for Cold War series, Jeremy Isaacs for Turner Broadcasting/BBC, 1998


gerry healy




Many years at the heart of documentary film production as Archive Consultant/Producer, working

on many major productions both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Work method has been to

source, copyright clear and negotiate costs and any relevant transfer duties.



BA (Hons) Modern English Studies

MA Modern Communications Studies



British Pathe News

Involved in all activities as Senior Archivist. Tasks included film researching, client

negotiation, copyright clearance queries and film/sound transfer requests.

British Movietonews

As controller of British Movietonews in London I was

Responsible for bringing this library to the wider documentary

audience. While being in sole charge of the London operation

I was also in charge of all staff at Movietone Studios Denham.

Freelance Film Researcher and Archive Consultant on

numerous documentary, largely historical, productions


other work of interest:

Creator of library for British Movietonews compiling 50 hours of best material as a mini-library abroad.

Assembly of large library for British Movietonews comprising Pinewood feature Out-takes & rushes.

Supplying documentary DVD Cover Mounts for various Magazines in the UK.

Writing scripts for documentaries from underused archive sources and historical articles for magazines.

Producer of TV Documentaries.

Broker for International Library Sales & Acquisitions


recent credits

The Hidden Evidence – Smithsonian 2015

The Story Of Now – BBC Digital's Move into interactive viewing 2014

History of the Bolshoi - Feature 2014/BBC

Treblinka Hitler’s Killing Machine - Smithsonian 2014

Treblinka Uncovered (C5) Furneaux & Edgar 2013

Silent War BBC Cold War Series – Nuclear Submarine Warfare 2013

OUCH! (CBBC) Maverick Television - medicine during the Great War 2013

1968 A Year of Turmoil BBC Storyville

The Double – Feature Film based on a Dostoyevsky Novella 2013

Under the Skin – Feature Film based on novel by Michel Faber 2013

The Story of Now - BBC Interactive Platform 2015

The Missing Evidence - CH5/Smithsonian 2015


other credits include:

Images of Britain At Night in HD

Mafia’s Greatest Hits (13 x 1 hour Drama Doc for US/UK networks

Palmer’s War (5 X 1 hr programme re New Angles on Spanish Civil War)

Flashpoint Korea: The Forgotten War

Archive Producer for Feature Film THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP for HBO/BBC TV

The Pursuit (Feature Film) In Production

Olympic Heroes (Spirit Media)

WAGS of 66 (Epiphany)

Love ON VE Day (Epiphany)

Demob (Epiphany – Yesterday)

Death of the Dinosaur (Discovery)

Clash of the Dinosaur (Discovery)

Queen (Blast! – BBCTV)

Dispatches - Government Spending – CH)

King Faisal of Arabia (ORTV)

Locked up Abroad (RAW TV)

Iraq: The Hidden Story (CH4)

Dispatches – Unseen Gaza (CH4)

Birth of Israel (BBC)

Fantasy Literature (BBC)

The Stone of Destiny (Feature Film)

40th Anniversary D-Day (BBC)

Children of the Revolution (BBC)

Tourists of the Revolution (BBC)

The Glory Game (Telegael/S4C/STV)

The European Union (CH4)

Jack the Ripper (CH4)

The Mourning After (CH4)

Secret History – H.M.S. Glorious

Secret History – Mountbatten

Secret History – Chinook Disaster

Secret History – The Real Dad’s Army

Secret History – The Holy Grail

Secret History – The Falklands War

Deaf Century CH4)

England my England (CH4)

The Spying Game (BBC)

The Wembley Fiasco (CH4)

Tony’s Fairy Tales (CH4)

The Hunt for Dr Crippen (CH4)

War Blunders (CH4)

The Dallas Years (CH4)

Who Killed Dr King (CH4)

The Promised Land (BBC/US Co Production)

Millennium (ITV/US Co Production)

European Film Awards (Sky Television)

Habitats (CD-Rom Weyland Publishing)

The Thatcher Years (BBC)

History of English Literature (CD-Rom WPA America)

Animal Cruelty (CH4)

Dunkirk Drama (BBC)

History of ITN (ITN Factual)

Mafia History (BBC)

A Glass Half Full (As Production Coordinator (Felix Dennis Publishing)

Century in 100 Minutes (BBC)

Century (ITV)

Last Days of the Raj (CH4)

Not yet Dead (CH4)

A Very British Sex Scandal (CH4)

The Flying Scotsman (Feature Film)

Take a look at some of our recent work.



Gerry Healy has been working on a series made by Blink TV for C5 entitled 'Missing Evidence' which includes a new look at the controversial circumstances surrounding Marilyn


Monroe's death.He has also recently been working on the feature film 'Under the Skin' starring Scarlet Johansson, directed by Jonathan Glazer and the documentary 'Treblinka' for C5, made by Furneaux and Edgar.



Steve Bergson has been working on a programme about the Hubble telescope for National Geographic as well as an HBO feature about the behind-the-scenes goings-on at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.


He has recently finished work with Boundless Productions on several series of the popular 'Great Railway Journeys' programmes and been working on a series about forensic science.



We have recently been increasingly involved with drama documentaries and features based on real events. From series about air crashes to films about Richard Feynman and


the space shuttle disaster in 1986, from feature dramas about Robert Watson Watt to documentaries about John Lilly, the projects have become more diverse in their approach. The integration of actuality content into drama-based programming has become an increasing demand needing special skills.