“We always strive to bring in - on the deadline - the highest quality content at the best prices.”



To get you the content - footage, stills, audio sync, effects or music - that you need for your project in a way that makes it easy, legal and creatively fulfilling to use. A lot more than advice, this service will enhance the impact of your work and save your budget needless fees either during or after our involvement.

Copyright is no country for inexperienced searchers....we can guide you at whatever level you need. Obviously we prefer to come in at the research stage to avoid the pitfalls but can rescue you from the traps later if this has not been possible. No two projects are the same but we can guarantee we can help you reach the destination.




Initially, we would consult with you about the brief for your project, then assess its needs before agreeing a schedule and scale of input. We can obtain screener copies as comps from a global catchment net in the format you're using and supply these to the edit as physical items or digital deliveries. Negotiating the technical maze of formats is part of our service.

We will always supply content that can be licensed or used without concern about the underlying copyright or usage restrictions.

We will negotiate fees for usage and obtain high resolution copies of anything needed for the final version of the edit.

Once your project is completed, we will then acquire all the relevant contracts and usage agreements and deliver these as part of the overall package of deliverables for the project. No loose ends.




We can scale up or down the input we supply according to your need and the available budget. The range of our contacts and network of suppliers across the spectrum of professional and amateur content producers means we know where to obtain the material. We also know the best rates and when licensing is not necessary. Our experience is the real value of the service we offer.




The world of copyright is a constantly changing battleground.It's become easier to acquire high quality footage, audio and pictures you need, whether self-produced or bought in. The tools for this are getting more available. But as the window gets wider, the complications of the conditions governing use in all the media outlets you are targeting, are becoming more blurred.

Our experience enables us to keep current usage under constant review in the light of case history and changes in legislation across the world. With the wider visability of your output, it's vital your use of all content complies with international conventions. We can give you that reassurance without restricting the creativity of what's possible. Our aim at all times is to facilitate the most exciting use of pre-existing material while minimising the risk.We're not about re-purposing of safe options but the inspirational use of content in new productions.

Take a look at some of our recent work.



Gerry Healy has been working on a series made by Blink TV for C5 entitled 'Missing Evidence' which includes a new look at the controversial circumstances surrounding Marilyn


Monroe's death.He has also recently been working on the feature film 'Under the Skin' starring Scarlet Johansson, directed by Jonathan Glazer and the documentary 'Treblinka' for C5, made by Furneaux and Edgar.



Steve Bergson has been working on a programme about the Hubble telescope for National Geographic as well as an HBO feature about the behind-the-scenes goings-on at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.


He has recently finished work with Boundless Productions on several series of the popular 'Great Railway Journeys' programmes and been working on a series about forensic science.



We have recently been increasingly involved with drama documentaries and features based on real events. From series about air crashes to films about Richard Feynman and


the space shuttle disaster in 1986, from feature dramas about Robert Watson Watt to documentaries about John Lilly, the projects have become more diverse in their approach. The integration of actuality content into drama-based programming has become an increasing demand needing special skills.